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Climbing rose, used as spiller over retaining wall. Recs needed

Keely Line z8a north texas
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hello. This is the spot. Looking to replace the carolina jessamine, bushy vine. Apparently its poisonous to honey bees :( So I am looking for climbing roses to take their place.

Would love David austin, or something similar (English style?)

White, dark pink, or yellow bloom

something that you think will spill over this retaining wall, its about 8in on the soil side. I can train them down too, but something with weaker/thinner stems probably

hoping for something with some disease and pest resistance, but I know the game

Scent isn't terribly important to me, but it woudl be bonus

I was looking at claire austin, but it seems that the blooms shatter quickly, BUMMER. Anything coming to mind?

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