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I need help with primary suit with laundry floor plan designq

3 months ago

My husband and I purchased a smaller house-a full remodel. We added 5’ to the end of the house to make the single carport area bigger. This is the area we are trying to create a primary suite with laundry(not stacked W & D). I also need the laundry accessible to the house not through our bedroom.
I would like our bedroom on the back of the house but then we have the two
3Wx5H windows on the front of the house either in the closet or bathroom.
The dot-ed line with a door to the dining is the existing laundry, it probably makes the most sense to leave it there. We could then have a door to the backyard as well.
Also, design needs to be ADA accessible. We plan to age in place in this home, both late 50s now but want to be prepared. Zero threshold shower at least 4’x 5’ shower, toilet in a WC.
Is this a fruitless dream, am I trying to cram too much in 520.96 sq ft?

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