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Flowers on Wednesday

We had a little rain last night but not enough to do us much good. The corn next to us is curled up. We keep watering though. I think our season is going to be pretty disappointing. The scapes seem slow to appear and bud counts appear to be low. Now our nights are sort of chilly so the flowers aren't opening well either.

Broadway Player is one of my favorites of the Broadways we have. It's a fine performer with lovely flowers.

Stella's Ruffled Fingers had its ffo today.

Small World TNT was very slow to get established, but now is doing well. It is always early for us too, beating out Lava Flow, which hasn't bloomed yet.

Small World TNT is the first to give up a clump shot too.

Not much to look at in the seedlings today. The first one is Small World Fire in the Hole X Bucklebury Ferry. It's a nice color but I had hoped for more of an edge.

This is our tiny miniature again, but showing better color. We think this is Penny's Worth X Cosmopolitan. If we register this, it will be our first mini.

There were others in bloom today--Whatchamacallit (with 2 petals and sepals), Happy Returns, Hillside The Early Bird, and Unstoppable (on uncharacteristically short scapes. None of these were photo worthy. Maybe tomorrow.


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