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Choose between Carrier or Goodman

Our 20 year old central AC unit is due for replacement. Our regular HVAC company used to install Goodman, but recently switched to Carrier. However, they still have Goodman units in stock and offered us a choice.

The options are a Carrier 13 SEER 2.5 Ton 1 stage AC, for $15K or Goodman 14 seer 3 ton AC for $13.7K. Both prices include new wiring, arc fault breaker, etc. but using the existing duct work. The current unit blew a transformer and appears to need new wiring to get it to work again with a new Ecobee thermostat.

We only expect to be in the house for 2 to 4 more years. We’re wondering whether to pick one of these, shop around for more quotes, or just pay to replace the wiring and see if the current unit still works. But we know it’s old, and would rather replace it now if the alternative means replacing it in order to sell the house. We’re in New England, so I think we can still get away with the old AC standards, assuming that’s what applies to these units.

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