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Need pine or fir bark fines supplier in/to Denver, CO

Hi friends, does anyone know of an uncomposted pine or fir bark fines supplier in the Denver area, or one elsewhere that will ship to Colorado?

I’ve been gearing up to transplant several young trees into bigger pots using @tapla Al’s gritty mix. I’ve been able to locate everything except for uncomposted pine or fir bark fines. Jensen’s, Pioneer, and Ewing don’t have any. The best I have found in halfway decent quantities is Repti Bark from Petco, but the average particle size is probably 1/2”, which exceeds the 3/8” limit and the 1/4” recommendation. This means a lot of it would be screened out and wasted or have to be blended or something to try to reduce the size. There are also orchid suppliers but they are selling by the quart…not feasible at tree scale. I need to buy by the gallon if not cubic foot/yard.

Any help would be so appreciated!! I’m trying to do this before it gets too hot!!

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