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Opinions on screens & flooring options for screened porch + patio?

Gabby D
3 months ago

In the process of getting proposals to replace our rotting wood 12x10 deck with a 14x14 screened porch & 16x14 patio along the backside of our house in NC. A couple things I'd love to hear from others' experience on to decide are:

  • EZE Breeze: Are they worth it? They said could build it now to do that later if we decide to do later.
  • Porch Flooring: Does PT Wood splinter much and what is the maintenance needed vs. composite or tile with subfloor?
  • Pavers vs. Concrete: The cost difference doesn't seem worth it to me, am I missing something other than the aesthetic differences? One proposal said if included, new concrete patio will be 4” thick with turn-down footings where required. And still waiting for details from company that does pavers.

We are trying to save money where possible but also we are low maintenance people who might be willing to spend more if easier/lasts longer. Thanks for any help!

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