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If you're thinking of buying from Thermador, think again

last year

We built our home four years ago, and specified all Thermador appliances. The double oven broke after 18 months. A technician fixed it. It broke again in six months. He came back. It broke again in 8 months. This time he recommended to Thermador that it be replaced. He advised us that this particular oven was known to Thermador to have problems. Thermador said no replacement. So he fixed it again. It broke again, he recommended replacement again. The "engineers" refused and sent him a complete rebuild package. He rebuilt it. That was February 2023. It's broken again, less than six months later. This time when it broke it stayed hot, so we had to throw the breaker to shut it down. This is five times since 2019 that it's broken. Customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. If you're lucky you get bored disinterest. The rest of the time you get aggressively rude people. You have to go over the same information a dozen times and they treat you like you're trying to steal from them. The last decision from "management" was that they would offer us a pro-rated exchange because our oven is four years old. When I pointed out that it's been "fixed" four times in the last three years, and that it never lasted longer than the first 18 months we had it, they got rude again. Normally I'd just give up and buy another brand, and I may yet, but right now they have made it a mission for me. Take my word for it, do NOT buy from these guys. Maybe you won't need customer service, but if you do, heaven help you.

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