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Clearance for cabinets around a refrigerator

3 months ago

Hello community! I recently renovated my kitchen. I have a new Summit refrigerator and my contractor built the cabinets around it to fit perfectly. The only problem is the fridge is SO LOUD that people can hear it on my work calls, and it's actually giving me headaches so it's pretty unbearable. I spoke with the manufactuer who said this is normal because this model uses a commercial grade BI fan because it's intended to have the option of freestanding or built-in. They are happy to exchange the fridge for a regular freestanding one that's the same exact size. I would love that, but I'm wondering how much clearance is actually needed for a freestanding fridge (not that my cabinets are already built to a sepcific size). It would have about an inch of clearance on top and half an inch on either side. Would love any insight you have, thank you! Also interestingly, the model I have which they said is new has just been discontinued... hmm, I wonder why! ;)

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