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Veilchenblau with thorns? A VB look-alike?

3 months ago

Last year I acquired a "Veilchenblau" rose from a reputable seller of rose bands to replace one I lost in a move 7 years ago. (In my order of a half-dozen plants, VB was the one that lacked a label, but it bloomed shortly thereafter and the blossoms very much resembled VB on the little start.)

The thing that has had me wondering is that my little plant (which has not indicated any intention of blooming this year) has some prickles (though few) on the stem, as well as little hooked prickles under the rachis. I don't recall these on my prior Veilchenblau. Also, this now one seems to have susceptibility to BS which I don't think I ever had before on my prior plant.

(I am in Central Texas, where BS *is* a bit of problem with most roses, but I am in the same city I was when I had VB nearly a decade ago.)

I am wondering if I received one of VB's progeny -- not a bad thing if so, but I would like to be able to identify. (I don't think I can ask to replace -- the phytosanitary inspection would cost as much as the plant, and shipping ain't cheap from CA either.)

If anybody can confirm that VB has prickles, I think I can safely assume I got the rose I ordered, otherwise, I will follow through with photos to help in identifying.

Thanks, all!

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