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Should I fill pond with well water?

last year
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I have a rain runoff pond which is 60 years old and 3/4 acres and at full pool 7' deep. The previous owner side she never seen it dry up in 14 years so she thinks there might be a small spring? This winter it shrunk down to 1/8 acre and about 3' deep due to lack of rains. The pond is loaded with bream and I've started added koi fish (50 koi) and it also has some catfish, bass, turtles and loads of frogs. Over the month of last April it filled back up with the rains but now is dropping 5/8" per day or about 10,700 gallons. I thought about running my well pump on a timer for 30 minutes and then off for an hour to fill back about 5,500 gallons a day. This way it would help offset to maybe 3/8" drop per day until the rains come back.

The well is about 175'+/- deep and I see 1-1/4" pvc fittings. The pump is about 14 years old so I thought about going to a solar pump system but before I do I need to figure out if adding the well water is a good idea and the cost of running the power if I replace to the same system but maybe a larger tank.

Are these pumps made to run up to an hour consistently?

Will the well water hurt the plants and fish?

Is there a type lily pad I could add to reduce surface evaporation?

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