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Winter damage on Japanese Maple, anything I can do?

We have a 'Bloodgood' Japanese Maple that might be 30yrs old? It has been good looking consistently and haven't had any issues with it. We did have a couple of months of severe drought last summer and I did try to keep up with the tree and watered under it when it needed it. But after this winter, it was slow to leaf out and now that it has, there are a lot of dead branches in it.

I tried to take a photo but the sun is not on it right now and harder to see the dead branches.

Here is what it looked like in better years.

Of course, different time of year, but no dead branches I could see.

This is just a sample of the dead branches, they are all through the canopy.

Is there anything I can for it? Will it produce more branches to replace the dead ones?

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