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Need Help with Rug for Den

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We have dark grey leather sofas and medium-dark wood floors in our den. The room feels cold and we want to add some warmth to it. We are replacing the coffee table (have the Mitchell Gold Tremont coffee table on order - root wood base with glass top). I do not like our current area rug (while it looks good in the picture it doesn't in person/always looks dirty) and want to replace it - the two choices we've narrowed it down to are an ivory shag OR ivory Fabrica Brushstrokes (carpet cut to a rug). Need help! I've looked at rugs for over a year and it's been painful to even narrow it down to these two (but I do love both of them - though am worried about too much movement competing with the root coffee table in the Fabrica). While the coffee table is on order we did see a second coffee table that's also a contender (Capiz Shell Top with Acrylic legs) - but we would have to pay to cancel the Mitchell Gold order and the Capiz table still feels cold to me (though I do like the look). So two questions - 1. Should we stick with the Tremont coffee table? 2. Of these two rug options, which would you choose?

Mitchell Gold Tremont Coffee Table -

Capiz Coffee Table -

Both rug options are ivory. Fabrica - both room view & top view:

Shag - I couldn't get a very good picture of it but it's a good quality plush shag.

I tried putting a "mood board" together - here it is (showing the sofa, coffee table and both rug options):

TIA for all your help!!

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