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Just looking for advice on flexibility of standard 1-1/2" copper pipe.

Curtis Smith
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

My bathroom sink has a rotted out horizontal 1-1/2 inch copper drain pipe in wall total length to cast iron waste pipe is about 23" inches. That's including a T with a branch up the wall I assume is a vent pipe. (Please see pic.)

I have removed the section on left side of T (taped to block smell). The remaining copper pipe section on the right side of the T (also rotted through) is 4-3/4" long including sections inserted into T and brass cast waste pipe fitting (through a stud unfortunately).

I can probably cut this pipe and remove it in sections if I can do it without starting the stud on fire. But my question is that in order to replace this with a new copper pipe section I would have to insert it in both the T and the waste pipe brass fitting, which means I would have to flex the vent pipe about an inch to the left in order to slip the new section in, hopefully without kinking or damaging the vent pipe. I think I have maybe 5 feet up the wall for the vent pipe unanchored anywhere but I still don't think 1-1/2 inch copper pipe is that flexible that I could flex it a full inch. I can't find any sort of specifications as to how far you can flex a given length of this type of pipe without damaging it.

Does anyone have any information on this, or maybe experience, or know where I can find it? Would be greatly appreciated.

The problem is I don't really want to chop this pipe out if I don't know I can replace it, so maybe do I want to attempt a lame layered on section with epoxy, etc.?

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