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New siding and gutters, what color should I paint the garage?

Ron zed
3 months ago

Hi, I bought an older ranch house (my first house!) with siding and gutters that were kind of falling apart. I had the siding and gutters redone with a great dark blue-grey and white trim. The garage door is the original color of off-white/cream and I am wondering what color to repaint it. I do not want to replace the garage door at this time. White is an option of course to match the trim, but I wonder if the stone veneer (which I do not plan to remove) is already enough of a color contrast and I should paint the garage the same color as the siding? Or is that too blue? I do want to emphasize the low long lines of this ranch since the houses around me are 2 story, as well as go for a contemporary feel. I've also considered an analogous color of a dark green or a grey, but wondering what the community thinks. Thanks for your input!

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