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A Story for you, the Daylilies Of Our Lives ( Soap Opera)

3 months ago

The Ladies were Excited: There was a Spanish Fiesta tonight

And a carnival in Ox next week

Sugar Magnolia

Sweet Isabella

and Rose Marie Louise

Were" talking." to be kind. "Just look at all those men around that Red Headed Hussy!"

Linda Beck had joined the other "ladies."

and said "She is nothing but a "long Legged Lap Dancer"

Sweet Isabella said "I'd like to treat her to a little Photon Torpedo...

And see if that Ruby Lipstick stays on."

Overhearing them, Joan Senior came over

and said "Girls, don't be Gypsy Cats!"

"Get yourselves some of that Hot Buttered Rum"

"And relax. As we say in Whip City, You've got what it Takes"


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