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Tuesday's flowers

The temperatures were much nicer today, but still no rain in sight. Last night it got rather chilly so some daylilies didn't look their best.

Red-winged Blackbird is new to the garden this season.

Curious Cutie had its first flower open today. Geometric Wizard was open too, but I didn't take a photo. Its color was good, but it didn't open well.

Little Lemon Twist is showing sturdier scapes now that it is well established.

All of the rest are seedlings. This is Little Lemon Twist X Stella's Ruffled Fingers. It's a pretty flower but I don't know if it reblooms.

Adavier X O Positive

It's the year of the stipples--another stippled mini--Itsy Bitsy Spider X O Positive.

School Bus X Merry Moppet has a nice plant under it. We think it's an intro. It's a small flower. My guess is that it is no bigger than 4 inches across.

Now for the truly tiny. We think this is Penny's Worth X Cosmopolitan. We lost its parentage because in our tet-only days, we transplanted it to the slope down by the road. We decided we liked it and rescued it. It is a petite plant, but not as petite as Penny's Worth. The scapes are a respectable height for such a small plant with good branching and budding. The flower is probably no more than two inches across. The color is actually brighter than this. I couldn't get this picture without shading the flower.

That's all for now. Still praying for rain.


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