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Small Bathroom Sconces Dilemma

3 months ago

Working on a small 5'x8'6" bathroom. There is only room for a 36" vanity and the right side of it will be up against the wall. To the left of the vanity is the toilet, next to the toilet is a 36" deep walk in shower. I can't seem to find any photo reference for this size vanity, with one side up against a wall, with a mirror flanked by sconces. I recognize the ideal spacing for sconces is 36-40", but wondering if I used an 18-20" wide mirror, leaving 8-9" on each side of it, if I could then place a sconce centered within that span, making the distance between sconces only 27-28". it best to just stick with a larger mirror and a over the mirror light fixture (I find overhead lighting not the most flattering or best for make up application)? There will be a window over the toilet and ceiling can lights over the shower and in between the toilet/vanity. Appreciate anyone thoughts, suggestions and pictures/reference if you have any. Thank you!

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