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How honest is your general contractor about timeline?

last year

Just wondering if all general contractors are like this, or if it’s just ours. We have been told date after date after date for when our house will be ready for us to move in. We are understanding people and we fully expected delays to happen, but it’s getting really irritating to be told that something is going to happen on a particular day, and then it doesn’t happen for another few weeks.

We have 3 kids age 5 and under and sold our home early April because this was supposed to be done in April. Then we were told June 1. Now it’s July 1. But I don’t see how that is going to happen either. We are currently staying with my parents, which is over an hour from our new home. (Super inconvenient!)

To give an example, a window had to be redone way earlier in our project. They removed the window and framed out for the new, which is to be a custom made window. We have been told numerous times over the last few months, “the new window is going in next week” …. But there’s still no window. Countertops were to be installed last Friday. Still no countertops. The AC was to be turned on yesterday. It wasn’t. The paint is being applied and the painters are worried about it adhering with the heat we have here right now. These are just to name a few examples. It’s just tons of little things like that where he will tell us something is going to happen at this time, and then it doesn’t happen.

It’s getting really frustrating. We are trying very hard to be patient and understanding but this is getting old. Just wondering if this is typical for most experiences (because I feel like I hear this sometimes) or if this is not how it should go. Again, we know that delays happen, but is it too much to ask for honesty instead of BS dates and timelines?!

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