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Water starts for a bit and abruptly stops New bladder tank installed

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

This is a well pump system. My home water pressure has been an issue since a flood happened in the basement a couple years ago that caused a lot of damage. The sump pump had failed and standing water/humidity did major damage. The bladder tank was old and rusty, so I opted to replace it.

Before that, I could get water pressure for a few minutes and then it would slowly stop and trickle down to nothing. After about ten minutes, I could get water again and the same thing would happen. The underground sprinkling system will not work because it didn't give enough pressure to push the heads up. The pressure switch was new, but was adjusted by someone who had worked on the system.

Yesterday I called a plumber in to replace the rusted bladder tank with a new one. Also another brand new pressure switch was added because he felt the other new one was malfunctioning. After he was was finished and gone, I tried to fill the washing machine. Pressure was great for a few minutes and then it just abruptly stopped any water flow. No slow flow to a trickle, just abruptly stopped. It started up again after about 20 seconds, then the same happened. I tried a garden hose outside and the same thing, great for a minute or two then abruptly stopped and started again shortly.

My pressure switch is 40-60 PSI. I am going down this morning to test the bladder tank following instructions to cut power/drain/and check pressure to adjust to 38 PSI. According to the tank manual it should be 2 psi below the cut-in number. I am not sure the plumber did this, he did not test my water flow or even turn the main valve back on before he left.

A relative who has been helping me thinks the pressure may have been too high in the tank. Can anyone give clues on why it flows good for a couple minutes and then abruptly stops and starts again after about 20 seconds? Thank you so much, this is getting hair pulling and my lawn is dying.

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