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Positive, Zero or Negative sink reveal in Master Bath vanity?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We are towards the end of our Master Bath renovation, which as usual, has had it's hiccups. Everyone is anxious to get it done, and it's time to template for the vanity.

As I had mentioned to the project manager earlier, I anticipated installing the sink with a positive or flush/zero reveal, which is what I've done on other projects.

The sink's templating guide shows a 3/8" NEGATIVE reveal / overhang. Yuck. So I asked about changing the reveal.

Crisis - looking at the actual sinks ordered, the Signature Hardware Myers 21" Vitreous China Undermount Model: 447961, he checked and confirmed that the front and rear edges of the sink are not at all straight, so neither a flush nor positive reveal will look right. And even a 1/8" Negative reveal wouldn't hide the drunken walk of the overflow side of the sinks. I didn't love the sink already, but hadn't put a straight edge along the rim sides.

It's Monday night - contractor scheduled to install the finished countertop Friday, and can't guarantee when we get another slot, let alone being able to find another sink that would actually have straighter sides.

Do I give up and let them install a slime trap? Are there ceramic sinks out there that would be better that aren't an arm and a leg? We did a Ronbow last time, and it worked with a flush reveal, but I can't stand the brand name printing in my face every day. Is pushing for a flush/positive reveal unusual in a master bath?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or consoling thoughts.

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