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Whether to paint wainscoting same as wall color

3 months ago

I’m in the early stages of redecorating my living room. After looking at way too many fabric and rug options, I have ordered a new sofa and fabric to re-cover two armchairs and an ottoman, and have purchased ready-made drapes while I wait for the yellow chair fabric and a green sofa sample to come in so I can check to see if they work together. I can easily return the drapes if they don’t work.

The chairs will be done in 4 weeks or so, sofa will take another 11 weeks unless it comes in earlier than expected.

I’m choosing paint colors and can’t decide if I want to use different colors for the wainscoting/trim and walls. The house is a vintage colonial, the wainscoting is the original shiplap. Same wall treatment in the adjacent foyer and dining room. The photos show the whole room, wainscoting in a corner, and several wall colors I’m testing. Haven’t settled on a color yet, may do something less neutral instead.

Any suggestions welcome. Ignore the lamp, it’s just an idea as I have similar ones in storage. The rug is already there, may replace it in the future but for now it’s staying.

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