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Roof estimate sound about right?

Caroline Hamilton
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We built this home in 1999 so our roof is now approaching 24 years old. It was built with 40 year Timberline architectural shingles. No leaks, but we had a hail storm and have had two roofing contractors tell me we have dents from hail damage. Both are reputable companies. Insurance will not cover it as they disagree on the extent of the damage. Anyway, their quotes are nearly identical for full replacement with 50 year shingles,

one is GAF one is Certainteed. They would also replace 3 Vellalux skylights (which also don’t leak). Price from both contractors is nearly identical at $28,000. This is for 4300 sq ft roof, 46 square. Does this sound about right? Or should we get more estimates? Or just wait until we actually have an issue with the roof other than cosmetic?

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