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Missing/switched slabs

3 months ago

Looking for advice on how to handle.

After much searching, I picked out 3 slabs of leathered Taj Mahal 5 months ago at the start of our remodel from a stone yard per my fabricators instructions. I have a large island and wanted a seamless top - so figured I'd rather have slabs secured prior to kitchen installation so I was not scrambling. Fabricator assured me they would secure and store my slabs and that they do this all the time. I had the stone yard note the control and slab numbers on my procurement request, and fabricator also listed the same slab numbers on our contract when I made a 50% desposit.

Lo and behold - I go to have the slabs templated this weekend and am immediately taken aback at how different the slabs look. I go through the process but am pretty sure this is not the stone I picked out. It seems honed, not leathered, the coloration is different, and there are numerous spots of resin fill on all 3 slabs - none of which I noticed when choosing. I did not sign off on the template due to some measuring issues (thank goodness).

After a sleepless night, on Sunday I drive back to the stone yard on my own to take another look at the slabs (stone yard was closed, but slabs were outside). I immediately note that the control and slab numbers are different than what my contract specifies. I only have one picture of the slab I took - but even that one picture is telling.

I send an email to the fabricator asking if perhaps there was a "mixup" and noted that the control and slab numbers are completely different from what is listed in contract. I get an email this morning saying they will "investigate" this issue and get back to me ASAP. I'm still waiting to hear back.

My guess is the slabs are gone - either resold or never procured. Funny enough - I also ordered a slab of soapstone for our butler's pantry and that is the correct slab - numbers match. How did they go so wrong on the Taj?

My question is: what is my recourse here. Outside of a miracle, I am going to have to find new slabs ASAP and my project is going to stall while waiting to find new slabs. Do I get a refund and go elsewhere? Have them help me find new slabs and ensure they are correct? I feel at a bare minimum they owe me a discount of some sort.

Love to hear how others have dealt with this.

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