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refreshing music studio room, some help with paint colors and windows

9 months ago


so im redoing my dj room, the room is ready to be primed, the floors are in the process of being redone, they have to put a couple more coats of bona on. i kept the floors natural, they are red oak and do a some pink in there. im not bothered by it at all but want to make sure i pick a paint color that goes with them well. you can also see a piece of wood next to the wall....that is the color of the dj booth, its cherry that has aged a bit. the floor and the dj booth are the only fixed elements to the room right now. some samples i have are BM's winds breath, bm natural cream, bm stonington gray, bm light pewter and bm collington.i am open to all colors suggestions ..i have the winds breath on the left poster board (poster board on right and floor is light pewter) and think that looks the best at all times of day in artificial and natural light....collingwood also looks good sometimes. The room has a window in southwest and the other faces west. its doesn't get much direct sunlight(like sun beams shooting onto the walls) but it is bright and gets plenty of light.

next i want to get 1 inch faux wood blinds, i plan on a white trim, shade depending on main room color so i am thinking to get the blinds white.....think that would be ok?

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