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putting cabinets in place of pantry

last year

Our kitchen is small for our family and I’d like to make it more functional and open to the living space. We will be remodeling next year and I’d like to put an island in place, remove the current hanging cabinets, and make the most of the space.
My pantry takes a lot of space and is not very function. Has a lot of space inside/too that’s unused. How can I make it more function?

  1. Maybe continue the cabinets on the top and continue the counter top and bottom cabinets as well in place of the pantry? I won’t have a traditional door leading to a small but would like to incorporate drawers in place to keep pantry items.

  2. What to do with this awkward island? Can’t load the dishwasher while standing by the sink.

  3. How can I hide the microwave and put an actual hood over the stove?

Thanks for the tips

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