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A devastating day

3 months ago

We were having a relaxing Sunday sitting on our back porch reading books along with our 18-year-old blind, deaf, senile, and very fragile dachshund. Last June when the dogs were in for their wellness check, euthanasia was discussed with the vet because of Wally's deteriorating conditions but physically he was well with no diseases. After tragically losing my sweet five-year-old cat Piper six weeks ago and three weeks later, our beloved 15-year-old dog Ziggy, I postponed the euthanasia because Wally enjoyed the porch laying on his bed in the sun and he loved meal time. We had a horrible storm last night with 50mph winds which made much debris in the yard. So my husband went to clean up the street side, and I went more to the front filling up cans. Suddenly husband called out...Wally is dead. He fell in the little pond by the porch just feet from where I was working. Although he was blind, he knew where everything was by memory and all I could think was he fell and went over the side. To say we feel terrible is putting it mildly. These dogs were part of our lives for 15 years and the whole house is quiet. We buried him right beside Ziggy. I am bereft.

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