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DIY Backsplash Advice Needed

I am in the process of preparing to backsplash my kitchen but have reached somewhat of an impasse.
There's a pretty significant gap, like 3/8" minimum, between the wall and most of the countertop, so I planned on tiling behind and an inch or 2 below the counter ledge. Basically, the plan was to let the tile fill some of that gap so I didn't have to use so much backer and caulking. However, while removing the caulk, I realized this gap consistently into the corner of the wall (see picture) and behind the sink (not pictured) where the gap gradually increases again to about 3/8" at the end of the counter. By the time you reach the corner, the counter is almost completely flush against the wall (having trouble even removing the caulk). The tile is barely 1/8" thick but there's about 15" it won't fit by the corner and ~ 10" behind the sink. The total length of both walls is about 10ft.
Even though the issue isn't in a very obvious part of the wall, I think it will look silly to have the tile sitting on top and protruding out from the wall over the counter ledge in one spot and behind the ledge in the rest. I'm not sure what, if any, options I have here, especially since ease and efficiency are the name of the game with this project. Emphasis on easiness, as I'm a pretty petite human and had a hell-of-a time just scooting the oven forward to sand the wall behind it.
Im using mesh-backed mosaic tiles with a Bondera Tile Mat (instead of mortar) and grout that can be applied like caulk.
There's no deadline but I have very little little time each week to work on this project - I just started a new job that with the commute eats up 60+ hours of my week, so weekends have been reserved for sleep. I've basically been able to accomplish 1-2 small tasks per week (last week I moved appliances and sanded the wall, this week I removed the massive amount of caulking behind the counters and mapped out the tile plan).
I'm sharing this detail to...
1. Hopefully avoid comments about why the way I'm doing this is a bad plan, won't last, etc. - I honestly couldn't care less.. I'll be thrilled if the tile stays up 3-5 years. I own my house but it is by no means my forever home.
2. I am more than ok with hacks, shortcuts, and non-permanent solutions. In fact, I prefer shortcuts.
3. Anything that involves moving/uninstalling the cabinets/countertops will likely result in me scrapping the project altogether and living with a sanded wall until I decide to repaint.
What are my options here other than removing and reinstalling my cabinets/countertops?

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