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Burglary ring in our area and beyond

3 months ago

A very sophisticated burglary ring has been hitting homes in our area. There are many very large homes near me that have private settings. I feel reasonably safe because my home is small and visible to neighbors, but this is still upsetting. In two cases the burglars entered the upper floors and were confronted by occupants. This ring of burglars is based in Chile and has been hitting the entire east coast, not just here. I happened to be driving past one of these house as the police arrived. The homeowner was on the front lawn, shaking like a leaf.

This is the news sent out by our police department..

Over the last 2 weeks, XXXXX has been dealing with significant burglaries in many of our neighborhoods. The recent trend has become a primary focus for our Police Department, and I would like to share some additional background and some tips to aid in burglary prevention and for your general understanding of the current situation.

To offer a recent case in point, this past Wednesday several rooms of a home on XXXXX Lane in Xxxx XXX, were ransacked in the middle of the afternoon (entry made by climbing up to the roof, gaining access to upper story windows). Losses were particularly significant. While this investigation is ongoing, it illustrates the perpetrator's invasive, brazen nature.

I stress that home invasions and burglaries are occurring in our immediate neighborhood. They are occurring at all hours, and are being orchestrated and advanced. In the past two weeks, invasion sprees similar in nature to the one on XXXXX Lane have occurred on XXX XXXX and XXX XXXXX just to name a few.


The entire Greater Delaware Valley region has been impacted by this latest crime spree. XXPD has adjusted patrols and are working along with other police departments in their investigations. Through this coordinated effort, we have been able to link activity to a transient group based out of Chile who strike homes from Florida to New York. They case homes by driving mid to luxury SUVs and sedans in an effort to blend in. They operate out of hotels near major highways for short periods of time before moving on to other regions. They are drawn to large homes in partial or full darkness that are set back from streets. During the burglary, the actors scale up the outside of homes because they are less likely to trigger alarms on second and third floors. They hit many homes in a short amount of time, and then leave. Jewelry is especially targeted.

What you can do:

Here are some important tips you should follow, if you aren't already:

-Make your home look occupied.

-Use your alarm! Always!

-Keep your garage door closed and locked.

-Place both interior and external lights on timers to go on at dusk.

-Place motion-sensitive exterior lights near entryways to your home.

-Keep landscaping trimmed and clear of windows and entryways.

-Consider security cameras at vulnerable areas around the home and consider arming second floors.

-Arrange for your lawn to be mowed if you are going away for an extended time.

-Don’t share your vacation plans on social media.

Many of us will be travelling for extended periods soon. Please consider inquiring about the Vacant House Program

So, stay safe and lock your doors.

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