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Robern, Madeli, or Sidler Medicine Cabinet?

3 months ago

I'd appreciate input from folks who have a Madeli or Sidler medicine cabinet. My husband and I are renovating two bathrooms and want to install a recessed medicine cabinet. Must items include a well-positioned electric plug inside the cabinet. Lighting is nice but not necessary. We previously had a Robern and figured we'd get another one. A local dealer informed us of a couple of other brands that seem nice. They had Madeli Illusion, which has lots of functions standard that are extra in a Robern. The Madeli didn't feel as solid as Robern - but that was a side-by-side comparison. I wouldn't say the Madeli is poorly constructed. The showroom didn't have any Sidlers on display yet. The Sidler Quadro is similar to the Madeli Illusion. To get a similar setup with Robern, we'd have to mount two or three side by side - which really raises the price! For Robern, the only electric plug position we like is the M Series Reserve or the PL Portray.

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