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June Week 2 2023

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I guess you could call it week 2.

Anyway , don't mean to dominate the forum but somebody needs to start it.

If anybody else wants to start it just go ahead.

I just did a first picking of green beans , about half a 5-gal bucket.

That's just the initial picking , the survey picking I call.

The main flush (or two) to come in the next week or two.

Yellow squash is starting to peak now. It's getting to bucket loads of it now (when you can't hardly give it away).

Started pulling some of the onions , the ones that have bent necks , didn't want to pull them all while rain is in the forecast.

Been getting a few green tomatoes along . Got them on the counter to ripen up.

Got the okra up and growing. ( and winter squash , cantalope , some more summer squash )

Next I 'll be pulling the rest of the onions and then have a start on digging the potatoes.

Don't have any current pics but here's last weeks pic where the green beans are at.

Only one row is the green beans , 3 rows to the left is shell beans , one row to the right is black beans.


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