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Coordinating hardware, faucet, and lighting finishes in kitchen/dining

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Trying to coordinate light fixture finishes in a small open kitchen/dining area without being matchy. The finishes that are set so far are: Kitchen cabinets, walls, trim are F&B Pointing (a creamy warm white); perimeter counters are Danby Olympian White marble; island top is walnut; floors are a medium/dark oak; cabinet hardware is unlacquered brass cabinet latches and drawer pulls; tap is polished nickel; Fridge and dishwasher are paneled, range and hood are SS; backsplash is lip of Danby and behind range is TBD (probably either a SS panel or a V-groove panel to match cabinets).

This is a small antique cottage and I'm trying to preserve the original character as much as possible. Classic without being old or fusty.

I'm set on having a nickel tap, as I don't want too matchy of a look, I don't like how unlacquered brass taps age, and other brass finishes will not match the unlacquered brass hardware. And I like the look of a nickel tap with unlacquered brass hardware, which is also antique appropriate.

What's tripping me up is the light fixtures. There will be two flush mounts over the island, and a hanging fixture of some kind (maybe a chandelier, maybe a shade, maybe something linear) over the dining area which will have a built-in bench under the windows and chairs on the other side of the table.

My instinct is to do polished nickel to coordinate with the tap so it's not standing alone. And doing classic nickel flush mounts over the island will, I think, look good. But I don't love the look of a nickel hanging fixture, especially a chandelier - there's something about it that feels too shiny/fancy/"pretty" for a little cottage kitchen. Bronze feels more like the appropriate finish for that fixture in isolation, and I could do bronze flush mounts over the island, but then the faucet would be the only nickel fixture. And there'd be three metal finishes in the kitchen, plus the touches of SS. (Other light fixture finishes in adjoining rooms will likely be bronze, FWIW.)

So I guess my options are:

  • Brass hardware, nickel faucet, all light fixtures nickel
  • Brass hardware, nickel faucet, all light fixtures bronze
  • Brass hardware, nickel faucet, nickel fixtures over island, bronze fixture over dining

Thoughts? I've included photos of the demo'ed space and sketched in where the light fixtures will go and where the island/table are located.

(Before people start screaming at me, the electrical plan I attached is not current and the recessed lights have been moved to better positions over the counters. This floorplan also does not reflect the current position of the dining junction box which has been shifted back to reflect the addition of the window seat/bench dining seat.)

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