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Some pics from Sao Miguel, Azores

3 months ago

We just spent a great week there. Everything is so lush and green, and such an interesting mix of typical “island” (palm trees, ocean) and “old Europe” (churches, stone). We were busy every day: whale watch, exploring botanical gardens, wandering the town of Punta Delgada, hiking, biking, kayaking, and eating a lot of good food and drinking plenty of wine. Since I’m pretty clueless about wine, it was fun to go to a restaurant and just ask for a glass of a ”local white wine” and get a winner every time. We had a private tour guide/driver most days, which was totally worth it. Only one of them was kind of a dud.

I was obsessed with the sidewalk designs…so cool, and so many different patterns.

And the cows! There are 2x as many cows than people on the island.

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