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Please suggest a funky/retro creative design for our entire house

Saim Afzal
3 months ago

Hello. I am just looking to spice things up. I would like to really make my house pop. However, I am looking for designs/products/graffiti that match my entire downstairs area. I have a living room, a guest room, a kitchen, and a dining area. I want there to be a nice, creative vibe. If you could please suggest the specific products and, if possible, recreate it so i can see it visually. I would really appreciate it. Here are my current setup pictures. I want the new ones to have vibrant colors/products. So it is lively. I kept it basic because I wasn't sure what to do with it. I like colors like red, blue, yellow, etc. However, i dont want to be overwhelmed with color or that its too distracting. When i meant graffiti, i meant like maybe near our front entrance, i dont know im not feeling the vibe ob my house and want it to be filled with products that are uncoventional, quirky.

My house pics:

design inspiration (up to you):

- but i like a nice, vintage, qurky, unconventional approach that pops with color but not overwhelming... i know these are from shows or maybe unrealistic. The point is i love how much personality and how quirky they are.

maybe like...

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