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Clumps and friends

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Lots of plants are showing nice clumps

Kensington Plantation-I love the varying bits of pink that show up in these blooms

Enter Laughing-shows a clump like this every day

Asheville White Winged Dove

Isabelle Rose-I thought scapes were going to be limited but it sent up three more

Debra’s white seedling has been a prolific bloomer

Spider Miracle

And Spider Miracle in a close up-love the green

Tall Dark Stranger

Jazz Me Blues

Blushing Escapade

Dance With Somebody

Voila Francois-I would love to have this form in every color! Lol

Mister Mayor

Crystal Rubies

Cloud of Witnesses

We rent our pasture land to our neighbor rancher (yes the one that had the rogue cow in my garden) and I love the first cutting of hay. We have what looks like tall grass and weeds for a lawn until then.

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