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Bracelet + charm = a mystery

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Yesterday my daughter (S) received a lovely silver charm bracelet in the mail from a friend. Oblik Atelier (NY) was the name on its bag.

When she took it out of the bag, there was a charm attached. It looked like a spool with chain wrapped around it, like when you go to Home Depot and buy chain off a big spool, only small and silver and much prettier. We're not sure of the meaning of that, but it was pretty anyway.

Later S unwittingly took it all apart. It's now in three pieces:

  • Main chain that goes around the wrist
  • Charm (with roomy hole through the middle which you can barely see at the bottom)
  • Thin chain

The main chain is too thick to go through the charm's hole. We figure somehow the thin chain plays a part in securing the charm to the main bracelet chain but can't figure out how it's supposed to be attached. The thin chain is closed with only a ring clasp for attaching to other things.

Before S took it apart, the thin chain was so snugly wound around the charm, it almost appeared to be a piece of the charm, solid, inseparable.

Neither of us is up on charm bracelets. I'm hoping someone here recognizes this type of charm bracelet and can help us figure out how everything gets reattached.

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