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Flowers Everywhere, Flowers in My Hair

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

The heat is on, and there's lots of color in my seedling beds today - not as much in the registered beds. I guess those seedings were just raring to get started. So I'm going to post seedlings first, and then the registered guys.

Judy's Jewel X Bubblegum Queen #2 - I didn't think the others in this cross would best the first one that bloomed, but this one has. It has a 7.5 inch bloom on 29-inch scapes with four-way branching and 15 buds in its first year to bloom. The edge is gold and green, and the watermark is very pronounced and doesn't fade in the heat.

Judy's Jewel X Bubblegum Queen #1 - This one has an 8-inch bloom on a 28-inch scape with two-way branching and 13 buds. It's produced two prolifs.

I have one more of that cross to bloom, but it's on a very short scape.

(Symphony of Praise X Henry Lorrain) X Bubblegum Queen - I've been calling this one the BQ dud for the past three days, but the color looks much better in the heat. This is 9+ inch bloom on 32 inch scapes with four-way branching and 17 buds that I can see. It may have more. It's a bitone lavender.

Carolina Pale Face X Dearest Valentine ffo

Pink Extraordinaire X Cexy Samantha #4

Now for the registered beauties.

Yoga Man ffo - The eye looked very blue this morning!

Unbound ffo

Billy the Kid - It's good to see Billy again. The deer ate every last bud last season.

Dancing Flamingo

Hearts That Care

Men in Black

Watermelon Summer ffo


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