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Decorating a Piano Room Dilemmas

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I am looking for ideas on decorating a piano room and on making it a multifunctional space. I gave up my dining room for a grand piano, which was my dream! It was a room where I spent most of my time - I used the dining table as my office (work from home) table in addition to being a dining table, and had an upright piano there, which took less space. To fit the grand piano, I removed the table from the room. I prefer somewhat minimalistic and pure designs, but for the purposes of improving the acoustics of the room, I tried adding a large area rug and also curtains (one at a time). These elements did not help at all, so I removed the rug and I am now tempted to remove the curtains and patch up the holes I made in the walls. A part of me feels that this room looks "prettier" with these added elements though, but since they don't really serve a purpose (no acoustic benefit), they make me uncomfortable because they are dust and dirt collectors after all. And the acoustics is not optimized but is ok. There are specialized panels that I could add, but this is my home, not a recording studio, so I still want it to look "normal".

I would love to be able to fit some kind of a small dining table, a round one, but have not been able to to find the style that fits the room, I don't really know what will fit this room and the grand piano. Also what do to lighting if I add a table? This is an optimal position for the piano (acoustically speaking) and it just allows the lid to be fully open with the chandelier over the edge (i could rotate the arms, which helped a great deal)! I suppose changing a chandelier is an option too, but creates another decorating choice dilemma.

Any ideas are welcome! The room is small - 9.5 ft x 12.5 ft.

Picture 1 - the original set up, no rug/curtains, Picture 2 - the rug experiment, and Picture 3 - my current curtain experiment.

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