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Last Minute Help -- What to wear

3 months ago

I have a party to attend this afternoon/evening ... and I just tied on the dress I'd planned to wear and it is too big.. it is not so big I couldn't wear it but it isn't hanging correctly and so it isn't very flattering. I happen to also have the smaller size (which didn't fit at all a month ago) but it is soooo close to fitting perfectly but is ever so slightly snug around the tummy. I have decided not to wear either dress (I will return the two larger sizes and keep the one that is snug as I am actively losing weight). Really, I am happy to be losing weight and will be thrilled when the smallest of the 3 sizes fits-- but now I am in a pickle as to what to wear!

Reminder, this was the outfit I had planned. Really it isn't that snug so the jacket does hide it... but it is going to be hot today and I don't want to be stuck in a jacket.

It is a casual celebration of a wedding that happened last fall... so not the wedding. I have tried on a bunch of dresses in my closet this morning and most are either too casual or two dressy. I have narrowed it down to three. (photos in next post to keep scrolling easy)

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