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What is bothering my Hearts of Gold Redbud?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

This morning I was walking through our backyard to see what needs care and I noticed that my Hearts of Gold Redbud is having a problem but I can't guess what it is.

Below are two pictures that show what is wrong. It has been pretty hot here in Toronto for the last two days

I have three of those Gardena oscillating sprinklers in place that shower the garden every day for 10 minutes in the morning (6AM). I am not sure if the below problem is due to too much water or too much sun

The tree is still small it is in its third year in that place and it had problems in the first year (I did not water it enough or the position of the tree in not OK -full sun-) , the next year it was hit by a freeze or something and half of it was dead (had to cut of some branches) Toward the end of the winter a fence that was overdue for replacing fell on it and bent the three pretty bad but it seems it survived that incident as well. When I thought I was over the hump and my tree was going to recover and do well from now on I see the below ...this tree is probably cursed or something :-)

Here are the higher resolution pictures

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