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Looking for a stain to apply to pine stairs to better match red oak

LaDavia Just
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We bought a house that has beautiful but outdated orange/reddish stained red oak floors downstairs and on the front stairs. Pulled the carpet upstairs and from the back stairs. Those stairs are pine and new oak treads puts us over budget We sampled many stains and found the darker stains mask the variation between the oak and pine. But we otherwise hated all of those stains and decided we preferred the look of the freshly sanded unfinished look of the new red oak floors. So now we’re just going to seal and apply at top coat. Which creates a problem for those pine stairs! They have already been sanded and one coat of Bona Natrualseal applied. The flooring crew is coming back today to apply the first coat of Loba 2K Supra througout upstairs. I’m going to have them hold off on those back stairs hoping I can still avoid adding treads especially since I will have to still pay them for the (wasted) work the’ve already done. Any suggestions? I’m not trying to perfectly match. Just need to washout most of the yellow

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