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(OT) It's cherry season!

One of the great good things about living where I do is that cherries grow here. Sweet cherries, pie cherries, cultivated cherries and wild. We are the fortunate owners of a magnificent tree, a little past its prime, that in many years (not all: it depends on the weather) delivers splendid crops of the finest sweet cherries in the world. A few years ago we planted its replacement, now just beginning to bear, the fruit equally good. Wild cherries are ripe now, and their fruit is as sweet and flavorful as that of the cultivated varieties, just smaller. They're well worth eating. Then there are the abandoned cherries that we pass when we go on walks, still fruiting amid the brambles and wild clematis overtaking them, still good; and the abandoned orchard of pie cherries where every year we go to pick fruit for pies, making some now, and freezing some cherries for DD's birthday dinner in December. We got about five quarts, cooked down, on a recent trip. In order to continue to be able to pick pie cherries in that orchard, I've done a bit of brush clearing there, though nothing like what it needs, to prevent the cherries from being completely choked out. I've never seen any signs of activity there other than our own, so have a good conscience about the matter.

Figs are also getting ripe. I'm looking forward to them, as our trees are young and still just getting going, and last year during the drought we didn't get any figs at all. This year looks promising.

June is likewise apricot season, but those we'll have to buy in the store: they don't like our conditions, and who can blame them. Our little half-wild strawberries are also bearing now, and I sample bright little bursts of flavor as I work in the propagating beds.

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