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Kitchen island size

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Planning a full kitchen renovation.
Final measurements done by KD and sent to me today . I had wanted a bigger island , but was told that the minimum distance from any wall is 36 inches .
Current island size is planned for 68 x 38 which includes overhang on all sides.
Will be taking down wall between kitchen and living room which is behind the planned island seating .
Will also be opening up wall to right of island leading into family room with a remaining 19 inch section.
My thought is that I could maybe go with a 72 inch island because the KD measured 37 inches from that side of island to wall however only 19 inches of that wall remain( see shaded section bottom right corner) and it is a diagonal distance which is actually about 40 inches .
It would decrease to about 36 inches diagonally if allow more space between island and range side which I want .

Not sure if I can go with less than 36 inches between small 19 inch wall and island.
The entire wall adjacent to that 19 inch wall will be removed

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