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Lake front Entry design advice

3 months ago

Seeking design advice multiple projects: entry way & bathroom (second post) as cannot add anymore photos.

Overall entry space is 9’3” wide by 19’6” deep. There are two short walls that are possibly for support? The stacked washer/dryer sits behind one, the plumbing is also on this small bump out wall and not on exterior wall. The other has the electric control for the in floor heating. See white paneling in pic.

The original 1942 built log cabin has since been surrounded by add ons, the entry/bathroom is one of them.
Goals: cleaner, clutter free layout that’s more appealing when first entering. Open to any ideas as I’m not good at this part. We’re on a lake in MN from May-Oct and cannot do major renovations due to county rules on building, septic location, etc (really odd layout). Freezing is an issue so this entryway stores items that can’t freeze from garage/guest room which is across the yard connected by concrete walkway.

ENTRY Add on: 3 sides are white paneling (not necessarily 16” on enter either). The front door is flanked by 2 windows, one window between bench and armor and another window between W/D and the wall heading to bathroom. The in floor basement top door is also below that window. Final side is the original log cabin with window opening to living room, we’d like to keep that wall in tact/not cover too much.
-Pantry in this space as well as washer and dryer (no other place to move in home)

Pic 1: from bathroom looking at front door, 2: IKEA LERHYTTAN black stained pantry unit (15” wide pics), 3:from front door looking into bathroom, 4: from living room opening looking at W/D (right and on floor is basement trap door). Cannot add anymore pic.

-Tile has in floor heating, keep. Its a slate gray with some warm tones in it that might not show well in pics.
-Maintain original log and feel with antique decorative items…ok with moving anything around and even out of this space though.

  • White paneling, brings in light but ok with a change
  • Pantry (Ikea LERHYTTAN black stain) - could sell or keep if it doesn’t work.
  • Rug, bench, armor can go.


  • Don’t have a set budget, flexible depending on advice, perhaps up to $6,000. Initially, I’m thinking some type of entry storage cabinets/drawers like the finished pic included that might meet our storage needs plus look nice.

We live here only May-Oct but come up from main home out of state a few weeks in winter. We need to store snowmobile gear x2 (helmets, boots, jacket, bib), also regular winter clothing as well as

What do we need to store? Very small cabin forces us to use space wisely and sometimes in odd places. Kitchen has 2 lazy Susan base cabinets for food so food is in pantry in entry.

  • [ ] Shoes, boots winter-drawer
  • [ ] Winter stuff from garage and guest-drawer for fluids.
  • [ ] Jackets-tower
  • [ ] Winter clothing (how much can go upstairs?-tower
  • [ ] Dog food, eating area -bottom cabinet (in lieu of drawer)
  • [ ] Misc…armoir stuff-cabinet tower
  • [ ] Gloves
  • [ ] Tools
  • [ ] Pantry

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