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Foxgloves and a Rose

9 months ago

Here are some pics of the foxgloves growing in my garden. There is one rose growing with them.

That rose is MRS. R.M. FINCH (Polyantha, Arthur Yates, Australia, 1923). Isn't she sweet looking? The growing conditions are retched for roses: a lot of shade, dense soil with poor drainage, and my lazy garden skills. The rose is in constant bloom all season long with these pretty pink blooms. The fragrance is light but definitely there. Love the rounded petals. Foliage is black spot resistant but not immune. However, I firmly believe she could be grown no spray in a sunnier location with better soil. The plant itself is short and branching. It would be perfect in a container. She earns her place. The first few pics were taken about three weeks ago, and last pic a couple of days ago.

The foxglove is from the Camelot series. They are kaput now, but reseed aggressively so once in the garden, always in the garden. In early spring I have to dig up and reposition them. Do not wait. They need to be moved while still babies or else you will stunt the adult plants. Worth the effort because ... well the pics speak for themselves. A cottage garden classic.

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