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Pictures from yesterday and today

Nancy 6b
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

The blooms are starting to pick up

Whale Tails today, I am pleased that the pattern is still there with the heat today.

Rudy's funhouse today

and yesterday. A new plant, seems vigorous.

Aztec Beauty never has many buds and few fans even though I have had it over 10 years I guess. I love the flowers though, the sun is on it so hard to see just how pretty it is

Blue Moon Rising

Westbourne Seafoam Candy actually bloomed a couple of days ago, but I did not have a camera when I saw it. Love the texture of the blooms

Got Bragging Rights last spring, this is its 1st bloom. Big bloom, but as you can see, right on the ground. I will give it a pass this year since we had a horrible summer then a harsh cold spell. Then when I got it, it was supposed to be 1 fan. I received 2 but both had been chopped up badly with few root. It has multiplied nicely though.

Malaysian Marketplace

Glory to his Name

Blue Breasted bee Eater, the heat makes a difference

Violet backed Starling again, looks a little different but I like this

Memory of Morning, I crossed this with whale Tails

No blooms for a while on Womanizer. New last year, I remember being pleased with its performance. I think the 3short scapes are on the newer fans, I hope they will all be like the 2 tall ones next year

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