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Studio remodeling: conversion to 1-bedroom and furniture layout

Kelvin Andrade
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Dear Houzz community,

I’m struggling to think of the best layout for my new studio apartment. Main goal is to separate the rooms while optimizing the space so it does not feel cramped/small/dark.

Project description: I’ll be downsizing from one-bedroom to a studio. However, I would like to convert it into a one-bedroom apartment before I move in.

Main thoughts:

- Drywall has to be used to completely separate the two rooms. I’m not looking for options involving panels, furniture, or similar alternatives to separate the rooms.

- Bedroom has to fit a full-sized bed (length: 191cm; width: 137cm). Bed can be placed against one of the walls, if needed.

- Bedroom needs to have a door.

- PS: I will use this bedroom only to sleep. I don’t plan on working or watching TV in it.


- If possible, I’d like to add a built-in closet in the bedroom.

- I’m also open to ideas that include adding a new window in the bedroom, if needed. I’ll then add blackout blinds because I’m quite light sensitive.

My current dining/living room furniture:

- I have a loveseat, a three-seat sofa, an entertainment center (fits a TV 47”), a coffee table, a rectangular 6-chair dining table, and a work desk table that fits two 20” monitors. I am willing to get rid of the loveseat/sofa/dining table, but would like to keep the other items.

I have attached here:

- Studio floorplan

- Some photos of the studio

- Some pinterest references that I thought interesting, especially in terms of adding a window.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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