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UPDATE: Rose root graft survived and is now taking over!

Rose (MI Zone 6a)
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

EDIT: please see my last comment for a turn of events!

I have a gold struck grandiflora that’s a few years old. I live in zone 6 and two winters ago we had severe frost and it had frozen over, but I cut it down and it managed to come back last summer. Unfortunately it was growing stems in all directions almost parallel to the ground, and the leaves were growing all over the stem presumably to compensate for growth (first picture).

Anyway, I pruned it this year as I do with all my roses down to an outward facing 5-leaflet but the stems were once again growing far too wide apart so I tied them to some poles at the top of the stems a few days ago. Yet now they’re beginning to bend over and I frankly have no idea what to do (second picture). Should I prune them again? Tie them to more poles? I’m very lost and would appreciate any help!

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