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Still having clumps and a few FFOs.

3 months ago

Gypsy Cats is really having a year: And look at the bud: It may just be getting started with these lovely clumps: Excellent plant, Debra.

And Exotic Starfish is another lovely clump with clots of blooms.

Get 'R Done does very well here.

Bubble Yummin Mama without too many splotches for onee. It is so pretty when it doesn't splotch that I keep it,

Cup of Cold Water is blooming now.

Vanilla Gorilla : love the blooms on this one.

Just love the big flat bloom on Madera Gold

Entwined In The Vine

Super year for Mean Green

Man of Sorrows is consistently good.

Stardust Dragon is another pretty one.

FFO; Curiosity Cat


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