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Reliable Gas Water Heater

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Am looking for recommendations for a reliable, glass lined, 50 gallon water heater.

I've used both Rheem and Bradford-White with good results. First time we've had gas as we moved into a home with it 2 years ago.

In checking into both of those brands, I find there are so many new models, it's hard to decide which to go with.

We don't want anything fancy and no wifi interaction, etc.

I don't like having gas and we considered switching to electric, but not sure we can afford it or if it would cause issues to make this change in an older home.

I did see some loNox, ultra loNox and low emissions gas models, but in researching, finding too many apples and oranges to compare.

If anyone has feedback on any of this, especially the first request about just a good and reliable H20 heater, I'd much appreciate. The water is taking longer and longer to get hot! Have a 2015 Rheem. Thank you!!!!!

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