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Show Us Your Landscape and Gardens-A Photo Thread - JUNE 2023

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Time for June.

Does anyone use the links to the older 'Show Us' threads?

Cranesbill 'Karmina' and 'Biokovo'

This is 'Pink Lemonade' Baptisia. I had it in a pot for a whole season and thought I had lost it, and this is it's first spring in the ground, and first time blooming. It was in bloom when I bought it and it was both pink and yellow. There are a few new yellows but I love this soft yellow. It's planted in front of a straight Baptisia australis. I like a lot of the new colors in the new hybrids, but I still love the original too. I'll try to get another photo when thy are both fully open.

I'm trying something new this year. I used to grow tomatoes in my backyard but it's been a long time since they thrived back there. WAY too much shade. Tomatoes need a lot of sun. For awhile I could grow cherrie tomatoes back there, but for the past 5 years I've put two tomato plants in my front perennial/shrub bed in full sun. This year in addition to that, I'm trying to grow tomatoes in containers. I bought this seedling at Russell's. First time trying this variety - especially bred for container growing - 'Early Girl Bush'. It went in the pot about 2 weeks ago and it has tripled in size since then and has flowers opening on it already. There is a 2nd container tomato behind it in the orange pot peeking out. 'Red Racer' another variety meant for container growing, which has also taken off. To the right of the blue pot is a large clay pot with two pepper plants, 'Hungarian Black' and 'Jalepeno', Calendula 'Snow Queen' and 'Gem Blend' Marigold seedlings. So I'm going in big for a container veggie garden this year. I wish I had done this about 5 years ago when pots and potting soil and fertilizers etc., were a whole lot less expensive.

Lemon Balm in the foreground and the pot in the background to the Right - 2 varieties of Basil and Variegated Sage with two pansies. The pot behind to the Left has 3 dwarf Dahlia tubers that I planted late and haven't broken the surface yet. And the pot in the middle foreground has Four OClock seedlings.

Our Kolkwitzia. We love this shrub. It is so fragrant and an unsual fragrance - not typical at all. It started blooming almost 10 days early this year. It's growing about 6ft away on the North side of a mature Maple. Barely gets any sun, is neglected completely. Even when other plants get watered, this is always forgotten. Never weed or mulch under it. Haven't pruned it more than 4 times in 30 years. Complete;y carefree and performs in a difficult location.

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